Greg Peterson, Police Chief
phone: 920-832-1575 | e-mail

On behalf of the Grand Chute Police Department, I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for visiting our web site. As you may have seen, our site provides a wealth of information about our department, community and values.

Our values serve as the foundation of the department. Our employees are encouraged to reflect their actions and decisions on our values and Mission Statement. There is evidence that much of our organization takes these principles to heart. The result is an operational philosophy that enhances our partnership with our community.

We believe our citizens are equal partners in establishing safety priorities in the community. This sets the guide for the Grand Chute Police Department to focus on long term problem solutions-not just enforcing the law. Preventing crime and enhancing the quality of life in Grand Chute is always ongoing and changing. We are more effective when all members of the community share ideas and work cooperatively to make this a reality.

Each of us knows that we will never be perfect as an agency or profession, just as no one of us is ever perfect in our efforts to maintain and uphold these values. All of us regard it as a privilege to be entrusted with our various responsibilities as law enforcement professionals. Those of us who are called upon to carry the title of peace officer realize that we are called upon to be men and women of peace in a rapidly changing and frequently troubled world. We are proud to be the Grand Chute Police Department -- and to give our very best.

This is our community. We wish to play a major role with the citizens of Grand Chute to make it a better place to live -- for all of us.

Greg Peterson